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Influence of chlormequat chloride and treptolem mixture on the quality of products Helianthus Annuus L.

Author(s) Rogach T. I. , PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Biology, Vinnitsya State Pedagogical University after named Mychailo Kotsubinskyi
Category Plant physiology
year 2015 issue №2, 2015
pages 80-83 index UDK [633.854.78:631.811.98]:577.1
Abstract The article is devoted to studying of the effect of a growth regulators mixture of chlormequat chloride and treptolem on the sunflower seeds quality indicators. The results of three years studies suggest that the reduction of protein nitrogen content in seeds and the increase of phosphorus content has occurred due to processing of sunflower crops by means of mixture of growth inhibitor with anti-gibberellin mechanism of action – chlormequat chloride and cytokinin stimulator treptolem. Herewith the content of potassium by variants of experiment has not significantly changed. Such changes in the contents of nutrition elements positively influence the process of oil accumulation and improve the quality of sunflower meal. The content of reducing sugars, saccharose and starch in sunflower seeds for actions mixtures of retardant with the stimulator was lower than in the control regardless of the weather conditions of vegetation. We have found that mixture of multidirectional growth regulators has increased the oil content in sunflower seeds. Herewith the quality of oil has depended substantially on weather conditions of vegetation. The mixture of preparations in hot and droughty vegetation conditions in 2007 y. has led to increase the number of saponification, essential number, glycerine content and has not changed the indicator of iodine number. The growth of oil unsaturation depends on sufficient water supply and comfortable temperature conditions. We have investigated that the correlation of unsaturated higher fatty acids to saturated in drought conditions during the action of the mixture of retardant and growth stimulator decreased compared with control and it has increased in optimal conditions. The residual quantity of the growth regulators in seeds has not exceed the maximum permissible concentration.
Key words the retardant, a growth stimulant, sunflower, oil, high fatty acids, the residual amount
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