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Author(s) Matusyak M. V. , , Post-Graduate Student , Vinnytsia National Agrarian University
Category Landscape gardening
year 2016 issue №1, 2016
pages 94-98 index UDK УДК 630:712.253(477.44)
Abstract Urban parks are recreational facilities and can act as biodiversity and represent a significant number of plant species. Park them. Gorky in. Winery was originally founded in 1936 and over the next years supplemented. The most intensive development of the park took place in the middle of the last century. The park is laid wood created associations and planted some trees, representing not only the flora skirts, Carpathian, Polesie but the United States and Canada. Along with the creation of a large number of associations of woody vegetation and some trees in the park. Gorky (there are about 6.5 thousand. pieces), the condition of some of them significantly deteriorated. Most trees at the stage of aging or are severely damaged and low-value wood species. Part of the park is represented by the remnants of old-growth oaks older than 130 years. However, a lot of oak trees are in poor condition and the stadiyiyi extinction. Therefore there is a need to study the characteristics of species structure, the current state of forest stands and the introduction of measures to reproduction wood associations and the reconstruction of the park. Biodiversity conservation tree species is one of the most important tasks of our time, which has environmental, social, scientific and educational value. Given the intense forest parks and forest park plantations kept as centers of biodiversity and their role in the context of the future will be all the more urgent. At present time dendroflora most parks are too lean of a species is insignificant or that such a low value. Significant human pressure, including recreational and aerotechnogenic on woody plant communities leads to deterioration and shrinkage and loss of native and exotic trees. In this regard, the current state parks, tree plantations, conservation and reproduction remain relevant. Research has been provided: Analysis planning and cartographic material and documents ordering parks; an overall survey of the park; detailed examination of selected areas; mapping the location of trees; measurement of heights, diameters and parameters of tree crowns; determine the condition of trees; planning of measures to restore stands, rehabilitation and improvement of structures phytocoenotic park. The species structure of tree associations park. Gorky m. Vinnytsya was carried out. The features of the current state and the restoration of natural associations was investigated. The propose of a range of measures to improve the structure and status of species of trees and restoration of valuable old-growth stands.
Key words wood associations, species diversity, the current state of recovery
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