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Author(s) Balabak A. V. , PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology and Safety of Vital Activity , Uman National University of Horticulture
Samoylenko N. A., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, , Mykolaiv National University of Horticulture
Category Landscape gardening
year 2017 issue №1, 2017
pages 112-115 index UDK 634.54:634.1
Abstract Investigation results of the winter-hardiness of hazelnut (Сorylus domestica Кosenko еt Оpalko) varieties and forms had been planted in Ukraine, are presented. Hazelnut has a subtropical origin from the regions of Turkey and Caucasus, adjacent to the Black sea. This culture differs by sufficient plasticity that made possible its planting in more Northern gardening zones. At the same time the active advancement of hazelnut fruits production farther to the North needs more winter and frost resistance of this culture. The aim was to determine the suitableness of hazelnut plants for industrial planting in the gardening zone of Ukraine that needed the most exact assessment of their winter and frost resistance potential. Varieties and forms of hazelnut plants prospective for planting in Ukrainian conditions were used as the material of research. Investigation and procurement of stick material was carried out during 2015–2016 using the ten-year-old hazelnut plants queen cell on the research and industrial area of the National dendrological park “Sofiyivka” of NAS of Ukraine according to conventional methods and recommendations. Despite the unfavorable conditions of wintering 2015–2016,the freezing of investigated hazelnut plants under the garden conditions was completely insufficient (summary point of damage was less 10) and insufficient (the level of disorder is limited by 11–20 points). Besides, the ability to endure the short-term strong frosts, the high winter-hardiness was demonstrated only by filbert plants, less sensitive to the provoking influence of thaw. The assessment of the winter and frost resistance of hazelnuts by the field method proved the sufficient adaptability of studied samples to the conditions of studied gardening zone. The varieties and forms of hazelnut Sofiiivsky-1 and especially Pavlenko’s gift were recognized as the best by the frost resistance.
Key words hazelnut varieties, winter-hardiness, temperature, freezing, leaves, spouts, buds, introduction, productivity
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