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Author(s) Ulyanych O.I., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of of Vegetable Production, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Lukyanets O. D. , , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Lukyanets O. D. , , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Olericulture
year 2018 issue №2, 2018
pages 48-52 index UDK 635.55-044.332(477.46)
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2018-21-48-51 (Link)
Abstract The problem of chicory salads endive and escariole growing is discussed in the article. The valuable vegetable crop which is used as food produckt and has curative qualities is chicory salad. It is devided in two groups – endive and escariole. They are characterized by decorative leaves of bright, yellow or dark green color. These salads are used as food for people with diabets thanks to easily digestible inulin. The chicory salads endive and eskariol are valuable vegetable plants in the conditions of the Right Bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine. It was found that the investigated varieties of chicory salads endive and eskariol have certain differences in biometric indices and yields. Estimating the growth of the number of leaves and the diameter of the production rosette in dynamics, we note the highest indications in the variety of Zhovte sertse – 52 pcs on the plant. The diameter of the rosette of the leaves was 41 cm. The highest productivity was observed in varieties of chicory salad Corby and the curly endive Zhovte sertse – 27,9–28,4 t/ha for years of research. The productivity of the chicory salad of the Ochag variety was significantly lower than the control – 27,1 t/ha, which is 3,6 t/ha. It has been established that the studied varieties of chicory salads endive and eskariol have a difference in plant height, habitat and other features. The rosette of the leaves of the endive is compact with a cut petiole, a narrow elongated shape and a green color. Bushes of salad are semi-spreading with a height of 8,7–15 cm and a habitus of 21,0 – 49,2 cm. The number of leaves per plant for these salads was 33,7–52,2 pc. The size of the leaves varieties of chicory salad eskariol differed in integrity and size: the height of plants was slightly smaller 10,6–11,3 cm, the number of leaves was 28–30 pcs on the plant.
Key words chicory salad, indium, escariol, biometric indices, variety, leaflet plate, yield
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