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The current state of assortment of fruit and vegetable crops in Ukraine

Author(s) Syplyva N. А., PhD of Biological Sciences, , Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination
Gnenna M. A. , , Senior Researcher , Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination
Kyluk М.І., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor , Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Category Fruit-growing
year 2015 issue №2, 2015
pages 66-70 index UDK 634/.635(477):631.526.3
Abstract The article is devoted to the study of the current state assortment of fruit and vegetable IN UKRAINE. The necessity of improving domestic breeding and seed production of vegetable and fruit crops to ensure the manufacturer new, highly productive and adapted varieties and hybrids that have high agronomic performance. Analyzes the range of horticultural crops of the State register of plants suitable for distribution in Ukraine. Defined quantitative and qualitative composition of varieties of fruit and vegetables of domestic and foreign selection. The analysis of the quantitative composition of the new assortment of fruit and vegetable crops, entered in the Register in the last five years identified that the largest number of varieties of fruit crops updated in 2011 and 2014, of vegetable crops in 2014-2015. Qualitative analysis of assortment of fruit crops, suitable for distribution in Ukraine showed that the predominate varieties of domestic breeding, such as Malus domestica Borkh. (21,4 %), Prunus avium L. (21,08 %), Рersica vulgaris Mill. (23,6%). The vast number of varieties, entered in the register belong to the such families as Solanaceaе, Cucurbitaceae, Brassicaceae.
Key words fruit and vegetable crops, the Register, the variety of plants
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