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№2, 2015, 2015

1 Panasenko O. S.
Usata R. Y.
The variability of qualitative composition of organic part of the meadow chernozem under different fertilizing systems
UDK: [631.445.41:631.417]:631.8, pages 3-8, downloads (417)
2 Makarenko N. A.
Rudnitska L. V.
To the issue of ecotoxicological assessment of nanopreparations
UDK: УДК 504:632.95.024:631.811.98-022.532, pages 8-13, downloads (396)
3 Ivasiuk І.І.
Karpenko V.P.
Hrytsaenko Z.M.
Symbiotic condition of crops soybean under the influence of biologically active substance
UDK: 579.841.3:633.34:631.811.98, pages 13-17, downloads (357)
4 Buinyi O. V.
Kuryata V. G.
Rogach V. V.
Effect of 1-naphthaleneacetic acid on the formation of the photosynthetic apparatus and yield of tomatoes
UDK: 635, pages 17-20, downloads (411)
5 Vdovenko S. A.
Schigol V. I.
Yield of brussels sprouts hybrids during application of biopreparations
UDK: 631.527.5.003.13:635.36:631.86, pages 20-24, downloads (256)
6 Melnyk A. V.
Drozd O. O.
Storage of Reinette Symyrenko apples with post-harvest treatment of ethylene inhibitor and shelf-life
UDK: 621.796:634.11.002.71, pages 24-28, downloads (565)
7 Osokina N.M.
Kostetska K.V.
Technological estimation grain of wheat and tritikale is for groats production
UDK: 635.64:664.8.03, pages 28-34, downloads (807)
8 Lubych V.V.
Polyanetska I.O.
Quality of cereals grain of spellt wheat depending on the index its unhusking and water-heat processing
UDK: 664.71–11, pages 34-39, downloads (368)
9 Tokar A.Y. The change of organic acids contents at fruit musts fermentation
UDK: 663.3, pages 39-44, downloads (557)
10 Balabak О.А.
Balabak A. V.
Improvement of propagation technology of hazelnut cultivars in the conditions of the Right-banc Forest-steppe Zone of Ukraine
UDK: 634.54:631.811.98:631.535:634.1, pages 44-47, downloads (370)
11 Samoylenko N. A.
Samoylenko T. G.
Butsik R. N.
Peculiarities of fruitage of strawberries in the Northern Black sea coast region
UDK: 634.75:631.547.5(477.73), pages 47-54, downloads (280)
12 Ibragimov C.H. Some ways of solving the urgent problems of development of nursery growing in Russia
UDK: 63.634, pages 54-57, downloads (312)
13 Ivanusa V. Y. Gibberellins influence on sweet cherry apomixis
UDK: 631. 526. 32: 581. 162.3 :634.232, pages 57-60, downloads (318)
14 Matveeva R. N.
Butorova O. F.
Popova N. N.
Variability of two-years sibs and halfsibs apple trees of different varieties collection of Vs.M. Krutovsky
UDK: 630.165.62, pages 60-66, downloads (230)
15 Syplyva N. А.
Gnenna M. A.
Kyluk М.І.
The current state of assortment of fruit and vegetable crops in Ukraine
UDK: 634/.635(477):631.526.3, pages 66-70, downloads (398)
16 Poltoretskyi S.P.
Rogalskyi S. V.
Influence of seeding time and density of plants on growth and productivity of the sunflower
UDK: 633.85.631.547, pages 70-73, downloads (347)
17 Karpenko V.P.
Prytulyak R.M.
Mostov’yak I. I.
Growth processes of winter triticale under the influence of herbicides of different chemical classes and their tank mixtures with the plant growth regulator Radostym
UDK: 632.954:631.811.98:633.19, pages 73-76, downloads (419)
18 Hrytsaenko Z.M.
Pidan L.F.
Anatomical and morphological changes in sunflower leaf under the complex influence of 150 Fyuzilad forte herbicide and plant growth regulator Radostim
UDK: 581.4:582.998.16:632.954:631.811.98, pages 76-80, downloads (414)
19 Rogach T. I. Influence of chlormequat chloride and treptolem mixture on the quality of products Helianthus Annuus L.
UDK: [633.854.78:631.811.98]:577.1, pages 80-83, downloads (348)
20 Vasylevskiy O. G.
Matusyak M. V.
Features of formation of botanical gerden «Podilya» VNAU forest assotiations and their impact on soil condition
UDK: 630*11:630*114.33, pages 83-85, downloads (361)
21 Karpenko V.P. Introduction history of species and varieties of genus Iris L. in Ukraine against the background of global trends
UDK: 582.572.7:635.9(477), pages 85-92, downloads (473)
22 Grinchak O. V.
Davletkhanova O. Kh.
Marin B. M.
Problems and prospects of an information technologies in training specialists of agricultural
UDK: 378:681.518, pages 92-95, downloads (345)