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Improvement of propagation technology of hazelnut cultivars in the conditions of the Right-banc Forest-steppe Zone of Ukraine

Author(s) Balabak О.А., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Reproductive Biology of Plants Section , National Dendrological Park «Sofievka» NAS of Ukraine
Balabak A. V. , PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology and Safety of Vital Activity , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Fruit-growing
year 2015 issue №2, 2015
pages 44-47 index UDK 634.54:631.811.98:631.535:634.1
Abstract The article is dedicated to the researches of ecological and biological features of hazelnut cultivars vegetative propagation by method of vertical offsets laying. Their biometrical indices were comparatively described and technological processes for offsets production were selected. The ability of yield increase for the hazelnut rooted vertical offsets of commercial grades dependently on different rooting substrata application, cultivar features of researched plants as well as presence of wire rings for cording of sprouts is scientifically justified and proved. The findings proved essential effect caused by substratum pattern to the hazelnut offsets rooting. The lowest rooting percentage was observed in the control variant — hilling with soil; the highest one — in the case of sawdust application. The rest variants gave intermediate results. It was found out on the grounds of the investigation carried out that the vertical offsets of the hazelnut cultivars ‘Dar Pavlenka’ and ‘Ukraina-50’ hilled with the sawdust provided of harwood and with use of the copper wire rings placed in the lower part of the stool plant’s sprout demonstrated the maximum rhizogenetic ability and high biometrical indices.
Key words stool plants, sawdust, cultivars, rotten chipwood, offsets, substratum
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