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About Journal


Bulletin of Uman National University of Horticulture - research and production journal devoted to theoretical-methodological and practical achievements in agricultural science. In Ukraine there are a number of journals of similar direction  that have similar goals. However, “Bulletin of Uman National University of Horticulture” aims to attract a broader range of scientists from all around the world. Among the members of editorial board are respected scientists not only from Ukraine, but also from the CIS countries, Europe, countries of East and West America and Asia.


Purpose - to provide the scientific support of the development of theory and practice  of agricultural sciences.

Founded: 2001

Founder: Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine.

Certificate of registration: KB № 17575-6425 PR 04.03.2011.

ISSN 2310-0478 (Online), ISSN 2310 -046X (Print)

Field of science: agricultural sciences.
Periodicity of journal - 2 times a year.
Language: Ukrainian, English.

On the basis of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 975 dated 11.07.2019 (Annex 7), the journal is included in the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine (category "B") in the field of Natural Sciences (101 - Ecology), Production and Technologies (181 - Food technologies), Agricultural sciences and food (201 – Agronomy, 202 – Plant protection and quarantine, 203 – Horticulture and viticulture, 206 – Horticulture).

Editor-in-Chief: V.P. Karpenko, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor.

Technical Secretary: Malyovanyy M.I., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Materials for publication in the journal are accepted in the following thematic sections:

1. Agronomics: general agriculture, agricultural reclamation, agropedology and argophysics, agricultural chemistry, selection and seed production, vegetable growing, fruit growing, viticulture, crop production, plant pathology, fodder production and onion production, herbology, seed production, primary processing of plant products.

2. Protection and quarantine of plants: phytopathology, biochemistry, herbology, entomology.

3. Horticulture and viticulture: fruit growing; viticulture.

4. Horticulture.

5. Ecology: ecology, environmental safety.

6. Food technologies: technology of bakery products, confectionery products and food concentrates, technology of grains, legumes, cereal products and compound feed, oilseed and bast crops, technology of meat, dairy products and products from hydrobionts, technology of sugary substances and of fermentation products, technology of fats, essential oils and perfumery and cosmetic products, processes and equipment of food, microbiological and pharmaceutical production, technology of food products

Reported topics of the journal don’t restrict the author in choice of the topic, with the presence of interesting, actual material rubrication can be expanded.

Thus the material submitted for publication may be diverse in nature , from the formulation of problematic theoretical issues, proposals to develop new directions of agricultural sciences to the analysis of the results of specific scientific research, also concerning other issues related to food supply of the population.

Materials received for publication in the journal are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board, which are reviewed and recommended for publishing by the Academic Council of Uman National University of Horticulture.

Opinions and suggestions expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board. The authors are responsible for the authenticity of the information in the articles, the accuracy of the titles, names and citations.

Any copyright infringement shall be prosecuted under the law.

In cases of plagiarism detection, responsibility lies on authors of the submitted materials.

Reprints of the journal's materials is permitted only with the consent of the editorial office.

Publications fee is established by editorial office. Payment of funds is carried out by invoice sent to the author only after completion of review process of the article by the editorial office of the journal and after recommendation to print. Publication of articles of foreign authors is free of charge. Editorial office does not make payments to the authors for providing and posting articles on pages of edition. In some cases, a free publication of articles that contain significant scientific achievements is carried out (by the decision of the editorial board).