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The variability of qualitative composition of organic part of the meadow chernozem under different fertilizing systems

Author(s) Panasenko O. S., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Lecturer, Department of Soil Science, Kharkiv national agrarian university named after V.V. Dokuchayev
Usata R. Y., , Graduate student, Department of Soil Science, Kharkiv national agrarian university named after V.V. Dokuchayev
Category Agricultural chemistry
year 2015 issue №2, 2015
pages 3-8 index UDK [631.445.41:631.417]:631.8
Abstract Investigated the content of total humus and quality of organic part of the soil. Namely, the content of the actual content of humic substances and detritus in the meadow-chernozem soil under different fertilization systems. Based on the behavior of the studies found that to increase the total content of humus in meadow chernozem soil most favorable it is organo-mineral system fertilizer. Application only organic fertilizers the humus content increases mainly in the upper soil layer. The mineral system fertilizer acts on the formation and accumulation of humus in general a little bit worse, but to a greater depth. The content of a component such as detritus, is the basis for the stability of macroaggregates of chernozem, with organomineral fertilizer systems is high, if plenty of organic and mineral fertilizer the higher content of detritus in the soil organic matter. And this applies not only 0-10 cm soil layer, but for the entire thickness of the soil of study. Applying on meadow chernozem soils exclusively organic or mineral fertilizers, occurs to accumulation of the actual humic substances and detritus in smaller amounts. The composition of the various components of soil organic matter varies at different ways of fertilizer. This greatly affects the of structure formation and on the content of mineral nutrients for plants. And consequently the regulation of nutrient regime, water regime, air regime and thermal regime in soil.
Key words organic part of the soil, meadow chernozems, fertilizers, humus, detritus, actualy humic substances
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