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Gibberellins influence on sweet cherry apomixis

Author(s) Ivanusa V. Y. , Postgraduate, , Lviv National Agrarian University
Category Fruit-growing
year 2015 issue №2, 2015
pages 57-60 index UDK 631. 526. 32: 581. 162.3 :634.232
Abstract Solving of the regular fructification problem in the way of creating self-fruitful varieties, gives an opportunities to achieve sweet cherry fruits, fruit set of which low or in some case independent of pollination. To settle the self-fruitful of studying sweet cherry varieties used individual isolation made of agrofibre. Also it was made research of Gibberellins influence (50mg/l) on capability to fruit set in self-fruitless and partially self-fruitful varieties. As the result of research duke Ivanivna shown high capability to fruit set via the apomixis – 60,42 %. It is 10 % higher than via free pollination. About 26,28-37,5 % of apomictic fruit set could be achieved by using Gibberellin. As an addition it increases content of P-active substance and anthocyanins in fruits, what increases their therapeutic and prophylactic features. It gives an opportunities to create one-variety sweet cherry planting depending whether it self-fruitful or self-fruitless, and weather it fits to the growing land or not.
Key words the sweet cherry, duke, self-fruitful, apomixis, Gibberellin
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