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Biological and pomological investigation of sweet-cherry forms in the condition of nakhchivan autonomous republic

Author(s) Bagirov O.R., Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) on agricultura, scientific-organization department of the Nakhchivan Section of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, Nakhchivan Section of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science
Category Fruit-growing
year 2014 issue №2
pages 56-59 index UDK 634.1/.7
Abstract In the article the author has been valued the biological and pomological parameters of 9 introduction sorts of sweet–cherry plant and 16 forms of this sort cultivated in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. During the learning of the phase it proved that the blossom period is depend on climate factors and ripening period is depend on genotype features. The investigated sweet-cherry forms is grouped according their ripening period as early ripen (31,3%), middle ripen (56, 2%), late ripen (12,5%) forms. Among the forms the forms of Ordubad-7, Andamij-5, Kotam-6, Andamij-12, Nus-Nus-18, Dirnis-5, Kuku-4 are differ from others for their pomological parameters.
Key words blossom, ripening period, mass of fruit, flesh percentage, bigarro
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