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The yield of potato varieties depending on mineral nutrition and growth regulators substances for growing trickle irrigation in the south of Ukraine

Author(s) Gamaunova V. V., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Chair of Agriculture, Mykolaiv national agricultural university, Ukraine
Iskakova O.S., , Assistant Department of Agriculture, Mykolaiv national agricultural university, Ukraine
Category Olericulture
year 2014 issue №2
pages 23-27 index UDK 633/491:631/82:631/674/6(477/7)
Abstract Article gives results of studies with three varieties of potatoes: early Tiras, middle Slovianka and Zabava which were planted during summer on drop irrigation. Three backgrounds were used in researches: without fertilizer (control); N90P90K90 on the top of the soil; N45P45K45 locally in 0-12 cm soil layer. Also modern growth regulators: diazofit, adaptofit and agrostimulin were used during plants budding. Researches were conducted in educational, scientific and practical center of Mykolayiv national agrarian university on southern heavy loam black soil during 2010-2012. On the basic parameters years of researches differed slightly, but they were typical for the south of Ukraine. Established that it is advisable to grow potatoes all grades, taken in the study of culture for summer planting and drip irrigation in southern Ukraine. Performance of bubbles formed substantially constant and depends on the background power. Due to fertilizer regardless of dose and method of making tuber yields increased by 43-45%. The use of growth regulators contributes to further increase productivity. Investigated dose of fertilizer N90P90K90 on the top of the soil and N45P45K45 locally in 0-12 cm soil layer form the same pro-ductivity level. Regarding the structure of the crop, found that productivity depends on the number of potato tubers standard under a bush and their average weight.
Key words potatoes, variety, fertilizer, crop structure, yield of tubers, growth regulators.
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