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Author(s) Balabak О.А., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Reproductive Biology of Plants Section, National Dendrological Park «Sofievka» NAS of Ukraine
Category Primary processing of crop products
year 2016 issue №1, 2016
pages 31-34 index UDK УДК 634.54:631.559
Abstract This article is devoted to the research of filbert nut oil quality (Corylus domestica Kosenko et Opalko) and its fatty-acid composition. It was clarified that oil content in the kernel of filbert nut have been varied subject to the variety. Such varieties as Hrandiznyy, Funduk-85 and Urozhainyy-80 had the biggest index, whereas Lozivskyy Urozhainyy had the lowest one. The index of oil content varied against weather conditions during the period of research, and the revealed differences between the varieties remained. High oil content of filbert nuts is the perspective source of herbal remedy relative to the potential commercial value. Biological value of oils is determined by the content of unsaturated fatty-acids, whereas the index 16% of linoleic acid which we got during our researches in the mixture of filbert oils testified the prospect of usage the filbert nut kernels as the raw material for oil industry at all, so as for improvement of liposome stability which we got from vegetable phospholipids. Unsaturated fatty-acids predominated in the content of all fatty-acids of general lipids of all investigated filbert varieties. Increased content of unsaturated fatty-acids testify to the more wide adaptive possibilities. The ratio of unsaturated and saturated fatty-acids of filbert nuts is nearly 10, and it is the best index between the industrial oils.
Key words filbert, nuts, kernel, oil, raw material, lipids, fatty-acids
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