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Author(s) Kharytonov M. M., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, , Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economics University
Chaban I.P., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, , Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economics University
Category General agriculture
year 2016 issue №2, 2016
pages 3-7 index UDK 634.11:62
Abstract The article is devoted to the question of suitability for apple orchards management and ecotoxicological assessment of use of reclaimed lands of the Nikopol manganese ore deposit to obtain environmentally friendly fruit. The main experimental work was carried out in multi-year field experiment with apple variety Winter Calville grafted on dwarf M9 rootstock. In the course of a long study in stationary experiments of different ways of pre-training and variants of spread a few model variants, of reclaimed mine lands were laid. In the test options provided for the planting of trees without the local and with local application of topsoil. Local application of black mass before planting trees promotes the establishment of long-term Plantations with productivity at the level of zonal soils. The duration of age periods included: the period of growth and fruiting - 3 years; fruition - 6 years; the fruiting and withering - 9 years old; the drying, fruiting and growth - 7 years; the shrinking, the growth and fruiting-18 years. The average yield of apple in the first three periods ranged from 76.8 per (loess-like sediments) to 91.0 kg/ha (local application of black earth masses) and was close to the productivity on zonal soils, and fruits with shelf life and visual appeal had a certain advantage. Pre-filling of pits and trenches loess-like sediments have a deterrent effect on the size of the trees. High performance of apple trees was observed during two decades, and then plummeted. The manganese content in the 1N HCl extract on the profile of loess-like loam ranged 2-4 times less in comparison with the data on the southern black soil. The distribution of the remaining heavy metals in the profile is practically identical. Comparative data analysis showed that the content of heavy metals in apples does not exceed norms of maximum permissible concentration.
Key words apples, orchard, reclaimed minelands, suitability, environment safety, heavy metals
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