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Author(s) Shvachunova I. S., , , Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V. V. Dokuchaev
Category Phytopathology
year 2017 issue №2,2017
pages 11-14 index UDK 632.952:[632.1/.4:634.11](477.52/.6)
Abstract The article examines the problems of chemical protection apple tree planting, forecasting the emergence of basic diseases of apples tree next year. Us over 2-year observations study the effect of fungicides in young plantations of apple on varieties. Effective use of chemicals we conducted a study the presence of infectious stock in plant remains that overwintered. Preparations used have systemic and contact action. Chorus® 75 WG, c. g; Soon 25% k.e; Delaney 70% VG 80 Thiovit Jet WG VG. Medyn Extra hp. Experiments were conducted during the growing periods of 2015 - 2016, under the conditions of the NNVC "experimental field" them. VV Dokuchaev, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv region. The influence of fungicides on the development of scab, powdery mildew and the effectiveness of the used drugs in 4-dwarf varieties were studied: Janagold, Champion, Liberty, Renet Simirenko with the scheme of 3x4 m, by type Gruzbek. The apple plantations at the beginning of the vegetation systematic routine inspections revealed the following diseases: scab, powdery mildew. In 2015, the spread of diseases was: scab 55% with the development of 19%, and powdery mildew inflorescences 11-20% depending on the variety, on the leaves 34% with the development of 13,0%. Thus, it was advisable to use fungicides. As evidenced by our experimental data, the development of diseases during this period has become economically tangible. In 2016, the weather conditions were markedly variable and characterized by fluctuations of the SCC from 0.8 to 1.2, and the development was 1.1-4.8%, and powdery mildew 1.3-6%. Fungicidal treatments were carried out according to the phases of apple development, and also relied on the accumulation of favorable conditions for the spread of pathogens
Key words fungicides, apple scab, powdery mildew, varieties, weather
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