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Author(s) Ridey N. M., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of Department of Adult Education, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
Gorbatenko L. Yu., Assistant of Department of Fodder Production, Melioration and Meteorology, , NUBiP of Ukraine
Gorbatenko A. A., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Ecology of Agrosphere and Envirimental Control, NUBiP of Ukraine
Category General agriculture
year 2018 issue №1, 2018
pages 19-22 index UDK 504.53.064.3:631.445.4(477.46)
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2018-1-19-22 (Link)
Abstract The theoretical analysis of scientific sources was conducted in Chornobayiv Region to define general characteristics, including soil farmland. The soil fertility in Chornobayiv Region is one of the highest in Ukraine. The soils and environmental conditions of Chornobai zoning district are fully suitable to use agro-industrial qualities of agricultural areas (moisture resources and natural potential of soils), for development and introduction of selective farming systems and technologies adapted to specific natural conditions according to soil monitoring soil data. According to eco-geographical atlas of Ukraine and our results the soil cover characteristics were determined. To control the soil quality the data of agrochemical and eco-certification that allows them to assess the Agroecological state. Studies were carried out on slightly saline medium loam typical chernozems JV "Mayak". The environmental and agrochemical soil indices were studied. On the basis of data from ecological and agrochemical passports of fields soil quality indexes were defined by their suitability for agriculture. About 91% of all agricultural lands belong to the land of average quality. The soils of the first field crop rotation belong to moderate quality soils namely Class VI (fair lands) allowing them to be characterized as moderately supplied by nutrients and productive moisture. The pronounced negative properties of soils and technological properties of land decrease the quality and require additional measures to eliminate the negative effects.
Key words ecological and agrochemical evaluation, certification, soil quality class, land cover, agricultural land
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