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діагностика туберкульозу, мікобактерії, поживне середовище АПМ-Вінтуб, прискорена діагностика, мінливість мікроорганізмів, адаптивні властивості, культивування мікобактерій

Author(s) Voytsitskaya O. M., , , Vinnytsia National Agrarian University
Category Microbiology
year 2018 issue №2, 2018
pages 35-39 index UDK 619:616.982.2
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2018-21-35-38 (Link)
Abstract The problem of tuberculosis has become urgent recently. In other words, it becoming more critical nowadays. Much of this problem is associated with the slow growth of the causative agent colonies in the commonly used nutrient medium. Nowadays various methods of tuberculosis laboratory diagnostics have been developed. However, microbiological methods have not lost their relevance. The issue of new methods development for tuberculosis bacteriological diagnosis is one of the most important problems of modern life. Mycobacteria are very resistant to the environmental factors; they are characterized by a diversity of forms, a large polymorphism and a wide range of variability of biological properties (pleomorphism). It was established that polymorphism of mycobacterium tuberculosis is caused by the survival of mycobacteria and their vital activity under adverse conditions. Different transformation mycobacteria forms are aimed to survive under adverse conditions, preserve its viability, that is, "persistence". Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a species of pathogenic bacteria first discovered by Robert Koch; it has changed greatly since its discovery. The polymorphism of the pathogens of tuberculosis is the cause of improper use of antibacterial drugs. The researchers have suggested that the mycobacterium tuberculosis polymorphism may be caused by the cyclicity of the microorganism. The purpose. Investigation of the development stages of mycobacterium tuberculosis adaptive forms in a nutrient medium for APM-Vintub quick diagnosis under conditions of its stress factor. Methods. Theoretical generalization, laboratory-model research, microbiological analysis, calculation and analytical. Results. The research results on the growth properties of a new nutrient medium APM-Vintub are presented. The new nutritional medium APM-Vintub makes it possible to cultivate a pathogen of tuberculosis with reduced vitality and unfavorable conditions. Conclusions. The rapid growth of mycobacteria on the medium makes it possible to study all stages of the transformation of microorganisms under conditions of nutrients rapid loss of nutrients, that is, the action of adverse factors. An improved and optimized environment provides the opportunity to inoculate biological material for the rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis.
Key words mycobacteria, nutritional medium APM-Vintub, express diagnostics, cultivation of mycobacteria
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