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Author(s) Snitynskyi V. V., Doctor of Biological Sciences, , Lviv National Agrarian University
Dydiv A. I., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Lviv National Agrarian University
Kachmar N.V., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Lviv National Agrarian University
Bahday T.V., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Lviv National Agrarian University
Category 101 "Ecology"
year 2019 issue №2, 2019
pages 69-74 index UDK 504.064:635.112/631.8
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2019-2-69-74 (Link)
Abstract An important role in the reactions of plants tolerance to conditions of environmental pollution with heavy metals plays an antioxidant enzyme system. One of the components of this system is peroxidase, whose activity varies depending on the effect of the factor on the plant organism. The article presents the results of studies on the effect of Cd2+ ions on the phenological dynamics of peroxidase activity in leaves of table beet (Beta vulgaris L.) by the fertilizer and meliorants application in the field model experiment. Proved, that toxicodynamics of cadmium linked to peroxidase activity in table beet leaves, as an indicator of stress conditions of plants to phytotoxic action of ions Cd2+. Research proved, that activity peroxidase in leaves of the table beet varied by main phases of plant development and soil contamination with this heavy metal. It was determined that with increasing levels of simulated soil contamination of cadmium the activity of peroxidase in leaves of table beet increased in all variants of the experiment. Studies found that the least peroxidase activity observed in phase 4 pairs of true leaves, and the most active in the phase of closing of rows. Was detected an average correlation between cadmium concentrations in plants of Beta vulgaris L. and peroxidase activity by vegetation phases. Research has found, that the application of organic and organo-mineral fertilizer system is compatible with liming of soil in norm Biohumus 4,0 t/ha + CaCO3 5 ,0 t/ha and N34P34K34 + Biohumus 2,0 t/ha + CaCO3 5 ,0 t/ha celebrated lowest concentration of ions Cd2+ in table beet plants at all levels of modeled soil contamination. The use of such fertilizer systems in combination with liming had a positive effect on growth processes, increased yields and product quality. Depending on the change of peroxidase activity during the vegetation of table beet plants, one can learn about their resistance to Cd2+ ions, as well as the effectiveness of measures for detoxification of soil contaminated with heavy metals through the application of fertilizers and meliorants. Through the development and implementation of various systems of fertilizer combined with liming soil in specific soil and climate conditions can be reduced by 56-78% the accumulation of Cd2+ ions in plants table beet and get environmentally safe products.
Key words peroxidase, cadmium ions, table beet, soil liming, fertilizer system
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