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Author(s) Yukhno V. M., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Poltava State Agrarian University
Barabolia О. V., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Category 181 "Food Technology"
year issue №1, 2022
pages 46-51 index UDK 664.661:664.665
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2022-1-46-51 (Link)
Abstract Introduction. The study of fructose bakery products formulation is due to the relevance of the spread of the problem with diabetes in Ukraine. To our opinion, overweight is one the main reasons of it. Purpose of the research. This necessitates weight control through a healthy and balanced diet, and a conscious choice of healthier foods. As bakery products remain one of the most important foods today, it is advisable to bake rich fermented goods with fructose to reduce their caloric intake and negative effect on the health of consumers. Methods. We considered the baking of the “Poltavska fructose bun” by replacing white crystalline sugar with fructose in crystalline form in the amount of 10 and 15% to the mass of flour. The obtained samples were compared with each other and with control sample by organoleptic and physical-chemical indicators of finished products quality, indices of finished dough quality (organoleptic and physical-chemical indicators, parameters of dough fermentation and proofing, baking). Results. According to organoleptic research of finished products quality all experimental samples by taste; smell, appearance, consistency and color complied with SSTU 4587:2006. The study of physical and chemical properties of finished products showed that the sample 1 has a close result to the basic requirements of TSU 15.8-05415042-002:2011. The results of physical and chemical indicators of the dough showed better results of the sample with 10% concentration of fructose, while organoleptic indicators of the dough and technological parameters of baking bun containing fructose (samples 1 and 2) almost do not differ from the values of the control sample. Conclusions. According to the results of these studies it was concluded that fructose concentration of 10% to the mass of flour is optimal for the manufacture of the “Poltavska fructose bun” in accordance with the basic requirements of TSU 15.8- 05415042-002:2011. Such amount of fructose corresponds to quality indicators on the taste of the finished product and is more optimal for use by diabetic patients. Increasing the fructose concentration to 15% to the mass of flour in the recipe for the “Poltavska fructose bun” leads to: a very sweet taste; increased porosity and moisture in the crumb, as well as a drying index.
Key words bun, physical-chemical indicators, fructose, bakery, quality indicators
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