Uman NUH | today: 10/05/2021

Zabolotna Alyona Vadimovna

Zabolotna Alyona Vadimovna

Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine

Academic Status
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Lecturer of Department of Technology of Storage and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables



#PDFTitle of ArticleJournal
1 The level of weed infestation and yield capacity of maize sowing under the application of herbicide Trophy 90 №1, 2014
2 Formation the photosynthetic productivity of soybean crops under the applications of herbicide Dyesilyet, plant grows regulator Biolan and microbiological drug Ryzobofit №1, 2015
3 The photosynthetic productivity of maize under the application of Trophy 90 herbicide №2, 2014