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Optimal sowing winter's wheat in a changing climate in the southern steppe of Ukraine

Author(s) Korhova М.М., , graduate student, Mykolaiv national agricultural university, Ukraine
Category Crop production
year 2014 issue №2
pages 59-62 index UDK 620.193.21:631.53.04:633.11(477.7)
Abstract The article investigates to sowing of winter wheat on the black couple due to climate change and their impact on the growth and development of plants during the autumn-winter period, and on it's productivity. In the work proveds and scientifically provens of shift sowing of the winter wheat to a late compared to previously recommended. Investigated that by early sowing the greatest impact on the length of the period of «sowing-ladder» was the damp of seed layer of soil, and by the late - the amount of effective temperatures. During the three years of research the best conditions for autumn vegetation formed in 2012, and the worst - in 2011. The highest average yield on grade in 2011 (4.34 t / ha) and in 2013 (5.76 t / ha) collected by sowing October 10, and in 2012 (2,13t / ha) - 20 October. Established that by early sowing (10, 20 September) is much more reduced the winter wheat harvest than at sowing in late (October 20). It is recommended to sow winter wheat on a black couple in the area of the South Steppe of Ukraine with moderately warm and wet autumn, from September 30 to October 10, and in the dry and warm autumn period from 10 to 20 October.
Key words winter wheat, sowing, the sum of effective temperatures, grain yield
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