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Agricultural zoning is the first step toward sustainable natural resource management in agriculuture

Author(s) Sonko S.P., Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Ecology and Life Safety, Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Ecology
year 2015 issue №1
pages 106-113 index UDK 332.33.004.(477.46)
Abstract The article is devoted the methodical and methodological aspects of the agricultural regionalization. Dependence of the ecological state of agrolandscapes is examined on specialization of agriculture. Basis of forming of specialization of agriculture of the Cherkaska area is made by 9 production types of enterprises with numerous parts. The result of the executed agricultural regionalization of the Cherkaska area was become by the selection of five districts with a like specialization. The analysis of accordance present agricultural specialization the types of natural environment is done.
Key words production types, agricultural region, agrolandscapes, balanced use of nature
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