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Preceding crop and term of sowing as a factor of varietal cultivation technology of spring wheat in southern part of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe

Author(s) Kravchenko V.S., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Crop production
year 2014 issue №1
pages 49-54 index UDK 631.53.04.633.11(477.46)
Abstract The article is devoted to the technology of cultivation of spring wheat in the southern part of right-Bank Forest- Steppe of Ukraine. In result of studies it is established that the level of productivity of middle-ripening varieties of spring wheat is higher than langostinos. The yield of spring wheat primarily expressed by the time of sowing. Almost equally affect the yield rates and preciding crop. The average for three years the yield on experience of langostinos variety Vetka was in the range of 4.00–4.53, and middle-ripening variety Collectivnaya 4.08–4.94 t/ha for spring wheat grown on organic-biological background of supply, such yield is quite strong. Low yields of both varieties in experience was in 2009 – variety Vetka – 3.26-3.90 t/ha, and variety of Collectivnaya 3 – 3.33-3.99 t/ha. Noted that in the southern part of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe to sow spring wheat is advisable after soybeans in the first half of the first decade of April.
Key words variety, preciding crop, sowing terms, agrocenosis, wheat yielding capacity, grain quality
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