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№1, 2014

1 Hospodarenko G.M.
Prokopchuk S.V.
Influence nitrogen fertilizer on nutritional mode podzolized hard clay chornozem and yielding-capasity chickpea
UDK: 631.84:631.42:635.657, pages 3-8, downloads (801)
2 Hospodarenko G.M.
Prokopchuk I.V.
Transformation acid-base properties of the soil for a long fertilizer application in field crop rotat ion
UDK: 631.82, pages 8-12, downloads (502)
3 Nedvyha M.V.
Halasun Y.P.
Prokopchuk I.V.
Stasinevych O.Y.
Density and permeability podzolic chernozem dependence of fertilize crops in field crop rotation
UDK: 631.43 : 631.8, pages 12-17, downloads (342)
4 Voloshina L.G. Count of ecological-trophic groups of microorganisms of winter wheat rhizosphere on the background of different predecessor and biologically active preparations
UDK: 579.22:633.11:631.582.2:631.811.98, pages 69-74, downloads (495)
5 Kopytko P.G.
Petryshyna I.P.
Nutrient regime of the soil and yielding capacity of young trees of pears at the optimization of mineral nutrition
UDK: 631.445.2:634.13:631.8, pages 17-21, downloads (514)
6 Hospodarenko G.M.
Ptashnyk M. M.
Dynamics of nitrogen in plants of winter rye and coefficient use it from fertilizers
UDK: 631.82, pages 21-25, downloads (531)
7 Eshchenko V.O.
Kaliyevskiy M. V.
Tension of the ecological balance by minimization of autumn plowing
UDK: 631.51:631.95, pages 25-29, downloads (457)
8 Karnaukh O.B. Weediness of crops and yielding capacity of five-course rotation crops depending on minimizing of mechanical tillage
UDK: 632.51: 631.559: 633.1: 631.51, pages 29-35, downloads (513)
9 Shemiakin M. V. Influence of mulching trunk strips in intensive apple orchads on the productivity and efficiency of irrigation water
UDK: 631.674.6:631.544.7:634.11/.12, pages 35-40, downloads (506)
10 Zabolotnyy O.I.
Zabolotna A.V.
The level of weed infestation and yield capacity of maize sowing under the application of herbicide Trophy 90
UDK: 631.82, pages 40-46, downloads (441)
11 Poltoretskyi S.P. The influence of harvesting peculiarities on formation of qualitative indices of millet seeds
UDK: 631.554:631.53.01:633.16, pages 46-49, downloads (465)
12 Kravchenko V.S. Preceding crop and term of sowing as a factor of varietal cultivation technology of spring wheat in southern part of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe
UDK: 631.53.04.633.11(477.46), pages 49-54, downloads (521)
13 Hrytsaenko Z.M.
Pidan L.F.
Effect of complex application of herbicides Dual Gold 960 Fusilad Forte 150 whith Radostim on productivity and weed control of sunflower plantations
UDK: 632.51:633.85:632.954:631.811.98, pages 54-60, downloads (444)
14 Karpenko V.P.
Prytulyak R.M.
Physiological changes in plants of spring barley under the influence of biologically active substances
UDK: 581.17:633.16:632.954, pages 60-65, downloads (451)
15 Hrytsaenko Z.M.
Datsenko A.A.
An anatomic structure of epidermis of puff vehicle of buckwheat by the actions of biological preparations
UDK: 581.45:633.12:631.811.98, pages 65-69, downloads (416)
16 Parіy F.M.
Diordiieva I.P.
Evaluation of low sraw forms of fourspecies triticale for the major economic–valuable traits
UDK: 633.1: 631.527, pages 74-78, downloads (389)
17 Osokina N.M.
Kostetska K.V.
Comparative evaluation of cereal grain properties of spring wheat, triticale and barley
UDK: 664.64:633.11:633.19, pages 78-83, downloads (816)
18 Dmitruk E.A.
Novikov V.V.
Polyanetska I.O.
The effect humidification of triticale grain and duration of exposure exit kernel
UDK: 632.7/477.7, pages 83-88, downloads (265)
19 Bredichina J. L.
Solomakha T.D.
Ecological and floristic features of the formation of spontaneous vegetation parkland in Melitopol
UDK: 581.526.7: 630*27(477.64–21), pages 88-91, downloads (452)
20 Varlashchenko L.H. The introduction of alien species Caprifoliaceae Juss. in landscape gardening of settlements
UDK: 712:582.971.1:581.522.4, pages 91-96, downloads (248)
21 Parybok M.I.
Mamchur T. V.
Svystun O.V.
Introduction of rare and endangered tree and shrub species in the botanical nursery of uman national university of horticulture and prospects of using them in landscaping
UDK: 58.08:635.054:712.4(477.46), pages 96-102, downloads (1113)
22 Velychko Y.A.
Pushka I.M.
Polishchuk V. V.
Results of introduction of Cyclamen Coum Mill. into the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 582.918.3:581.9, pages 102-105, downloads (430)
23 Ibragimov C.H. Problems of development of horticulture Russia in a changing climate
UDK: 634, pages 105-107, downloads (247)
24 Krasnoshtan T. V.
Balabak A.F.
Stratification and germination of seeds of the varieties of golden currant (Ribes Aureum Pursh.)
UDK: 631.53.03:634.724 (477.46), pages 107-112, downloads (574)
25 Osokina N.M.
Zamorska I.L.
Content and composition of organic acids in strawberries (Fragaria Ananassa Duch.) оf various varieties, grown in the right-bank forest- steppe zone of Ukraine
UDK: 634.75:577.1, pages 112-117, downloads (284)
26 Osipov M.Y. Features of the height and the development of above-ground part of hawthorn in the forest planting of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 630*5:630*2:634.17(477.46), pages 117-120, downloads (443)