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The influence of harvesting peculiarities on formation of qualitative indices of millet seeds

Author(s) Poltoretskyi S.P., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of Department of Crop, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Crop production
year 2014 issue №1
pages 46-49 index UDK 631.554:631.53.01:633.16
Abstract The analytical review of domestic and foreign literary sources is presented, concerning the set of the optimal terms and methods of harvesting of sowings of common millet seeds, depending on soil and climatic conditions of the zone of cultivation, varietal features, state of weed infestation of crops, degree of seed maturity in panicles, duration of swaths storing and other factors. As a result of conducted analysis was found that the scientists and production workers until today have no consensus on the establishment of optimal duration and way of millet seeds harvesting. A large number of reports have considerable antiquity, which were done under different regional conditions, and integrated studies on the influence of harvest peculiarities and weather conditions at this period on the formation of sowing qualities and harvest properties of millet seeds under the conditions of unstable damping of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine were not carried out.
Key words millet seeds, stage of maturity, threshing period, threshing method, sowing qualities, harvest properties
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