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Influence of mineral fertilizers and irrigation on growth dynamics of crop varieties of winter wheat in the southern of Ukraine

Author(s) Gamaunova V. V., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Chair of Agriculture, Mykolaiv national agricultural university, Ukraine
Berdnikova E.G., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of Agriculture Kherson state agricultural university, Kherson state agricultural university, Ukraine
Category Crop production
year 2014 issue №2
pages 62-67 index UDK
Abstract The article features peculiarities of influence of fertilizers and irrigation on growth dynamics of crop varieties of winter wheat Kherson Bezostaya and Odes'ka-267 on the account of irrigation regimes (wet charge, irrigations) and nutrition background in the conditions of Southern Ukraine. Absolute growth rates of above-ground mass are external indicators of production processes occurring in them. To a large extent the intensity of biomass accumulation by plants depends on the growing conditions. In the conditions of irrigation the main rolein forming this index belongs to mineral nutrition of crops. Именно из надземной массы растения мобилизуют углеводы, азотистые и другие вещества.This is the above-ground crop mass that mobilizes carbohydrates, nitrogen and other substances. Applying mineral fertilizers positively affects the growth of above-ground crop biomass, which increases depending on the dose of mineral nitrogen application under winter wheat, the increase of raw biomass of crops, and the amount of accumulated solids, as this index is calculated depending on it from moisture mass of plants during the growing season and its exit from the unit area. The study in determining the production processes of crop varieties of winter wheat were aimed at the impact of factors studied - fertilizer and irrigation on growth and development, the accumulation of vegetative mass, grain, its quality. Observing the increase of above-ground mass of plants, leaf area, and their linear height showed that these indicators depended and changed under the influence of the studied factors and culture during the growing season. The accumulation of dry biomass plants of winter wheat was also dependent on the phase of development, nutrition background and variety. Researches and calculations showed that the mineral nutrition and irrigation positively affected the growth dynamics of winter wheat culture.
Key words winter wheat, varieties, mineral nutrition, irrigation, dry biomass, biometrics, production processes
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