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Agrobiological and economic properties of new high-protein soft winter wheat varieties

Author(s) Ulich O. L., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Kirovograd State Station for Varieties Research
Hryniv S. M., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Ukrainian Institute on Expert Evaluation of Plant Varieties
Balytska L. M., , , Ukrainian Institute on Expert Evaluation of Plant Varieties
Tereshchenko Yu. F., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Crop production
year 2015 issue №1
pages 96-100 index UDK 631:633:1.11
Abstract New varieties of soft winter wheat with high indices of yielding capacity, protein content, food properties of grain and their economic-valuable, physiological and morphoagrobiological properties have been discovered. It has been found that under the creation of new highly-productive soft winter wheat varieties it is possible to decrease and even to overcome negative correlation of yielding capacity with protein content in grain. It was also found that high protein varieties are capable of forming high yielding capacity of grain with higher indices of protein and gluten content and breadmaking characteristics. Their introduction will facilitate the solving of the problem of the production of high-quality grain to meet the demands of domestic and foreign market, increasing profitability and reviving the international fame of Ukrainian wheat. It has been proved that the implementation of the potential of yielding capacity and properties of grain depends on the genotype with corresponding indices, positive reaction to accumulation of protein and on varietal intensive agricultural technologies, in which the crucial role belongs to the optimization of mineral nutrition, especially on the nitrogen one with regard to agroecological conditions, the time of vegetation renewal in spring, the place in the crop rotation, the presence of nutrients in the soil etc. Varieties Natalka, Vidrada, Epokha Odeska, Lasunia, Lupus, Vilshana, Midas, Poltavka are characterized by considerable adaptive potential of productivity with positive reaction of protein accumulation and high food properties of grain.
Key words wheat, variety, protein, gluten, breadmaking characteristics, flour strength, yielding capacity, profitability
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