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№1, 2015

1 Cherednichenko I. V. Agrophysical indicators typical chernozems under different fertilized systems
UDK: 631.412/51, pages 113-117, downloads (277)
2 Sonko S.P. Agricultural zoning is the first step toward sustainable natural resource management in agriculuture
UDK: 332.33.004.(477.46), pages 106-113, downloads (399)
3 Chayka T. A.
Ponomarenko S. V.
Technological and economic features of growing organic soybeans and winter wheat forage
UDK: 504.03 (304:4, 338:432), pages 100-106, downloads (289)
4 Ulich O. L.
Hryniv S. M.
Balytska L. M.
Tereshchenko Yu. F.
Agrobiological and economic properties of new high-protein soft winter wheat varieties
UDK: 631:633:1.11, pages 96-100, downloads (374)
5 Poltoretskyi S.P.
Poltoretska N. M.
Agroecological conditions of forming crop yield and quality of millet seeds
UDK: 633.171:631.52, pages 93-96, downloads (351)
6 Polishchuk V. V.
Hrabovyi V. M.
Osipov M.Y.
Serzhuk O. P.
Vegetative propagation and cultivation of planting material of ornamental forms Аbies alba mill.
UDK: 581.6:631.541:631.532, pages 89-93, downloads (427)
7 Mykolajko V. P. Features of chicory root selection forms of uterine roots storage
UDK: 635.54:[631.527+631.53.026], pages 85-89, downloads (294)
8 Ivanusa V. Y.
Savina O. I.
Identification of apomixis in the sweet cherry, sour cherry and duke cherry
UDK: 631. 526. 32: 581. 162.3 :634.232, pages 82-85, downloads (297)
9 Ibragimov C.H. Some ways of solving the urgent problems of development of nursery growing in Russia
UDK: 63.634, pages 79-82, downloads (213)
10 Zamorska I.L. Effect of planting scheme on storing of strawberries
UDK: 634.75, pages 76-79, downloads (239)
11 Polishchuk V. V.
Karpuk L. M.
Pushka I.M.
Serzhuk O. P.
Polishchuk T. V.
Sterilization of sugar beet plant material, depending on the type of sterilizer, concentration and exposure of sterilization in vitro
UDK: 633.63:631.52, pages 71-76, downloads (284)
12 Shutenko T. A. The influence of methods of seed harvesting sugar beet on the formation of yield and quality parameters
UDK: 633.63:631.531.1:631.55.004.16, pages 68-71, downloads (336)
13 Doronin V. A.
Kravchenko Y. A.
Busol M. V.
Doronin V. V.
Mandrovska S. M.
Determination of svitchgras sprouting energy and seed germination
UDK: 633.63: 631. 531.12, pages 64-68, downloads (631)
14 Moskalets T.
Moskalets V. V.
Didenko S. Y.
Moskalets V. I.
Bunyak N. M.
Results selection of wheat soft winter to improve ecological-adaptive properties and quality of the grain
UDK: 633.11: 664.64.016, pages 58-64, downloads (486)
15 Hahin A. O. The variability and inheritance of sign in populations F3 common vetch grown in agrocenoses with supporting cultures
UDK: 633.352:631.52, pages 55-58, downloads (238)
16 Rogach V. V.
Poprotskaya I. V.
Rogach T. I.
Kuryata V. G.
Effect of retardants on morphophysiological index, productivity and dormant period of potato
UDK: [581.1:582.926.2]:661.162.65, pages 51-55, downloads (336)
17 Karpenko V.P.
Prosyankin D. I.
Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant processes in plants of naked oat applying bioactive substances
UDK: 582.675.5: 661.162.65/66, pages 47-51, downloads (312)
18 Polivaniy S. V.
Kuryata V. G.
Formation photosynthetic apparatus, seed productivity and quality oil of poppy oil due to action of Emistim C
UDK: 582.675.5: 661.162.65/66, pages 43-47, downloads (241)
19 Bogdan M. M.
Karpenko V.P.
Gulyaeva A. B.
Effect of complex chelate fertilizer on root tissue functional activity and performance grain of wheat soft winter
UDK: 581.1:631.8, pages 37-43, downloads (346)
20 Golodriha O.V.
Leontyuk I.B.
Rozborska L. V.
Zabolotnyy O.I.
Zabolotna A.V.
Formation the photosynthetic productivity of soybean crops under the applications of herbicide Dyesilyet, plant grows regulator Biolan and microbiological drug Ryzobofit
UDK: 632.954:633.34:631.811.98, pages 32-37, downloads (321)
21 Hrytsaenko Z.M.
Orativska S. A.
Activity of rhizosphere microbiota under effect of herbicide and biologicals in sowing peas
UDK: 631.466:633.35:632.954:631.811.98, pages 27-32, downloads (287)
22 Karpuk L. M. Features of sugar beet hybrids productivity formation depending on agrotechnological measures
UDK: 633.63:631., pages 22-27, downloads (314)
23 Minkova O. G. The present time tendency in becoming principles of organic agriculture
UDK: 631.147, pages 16-22, downloads (330)
24 Hospodarenko G.M.
Lubych V.V.
Polyanetska I.O.
Zheliezna V.V.
Baking properties depending on grain spelled fertilization
UDK: 664.7:633.111, pages 11-16, downloads (308)
25 Mialkovskyi R. A.
Bezvikonnyy P.V.
Foliar feeding of micronutrients as a way power optimization conditions red beet
UDK: 635.11:631.81.095.337:631.559, pages 7-11, downloads (334)
26 Hospodarenko G.M.
Stasinevych O.Y.
Prokopenko E. V.
Capacity of spring barley in long-term application of fertilizers in field crop rotation
UDK: 631.8:631.454, pages 3-7, downloads (414)