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The variability and inheritance of sign in populations F3 common vetch grown in agrocenoses with supporting cultures

Author(s) Hahin A. O., , Senior Researcher of the Laboratory of Plant Breeding and Seed Production of Winter Wheat and Vicky Spring, Belotserkovsky Experimental Breeding Station
Category Selection
year 2015 issue №1
pages 55-58 index UDK 633.352:631.52
Abstract The article present the results of the variability and inheritance researches of sign F3 plants common vetch, grown with supportive culture for increasing the stability of the initial material to growing in mixed agrocenoses. Revealed that on the background supportive culture, decreased phenotypic variability limits on productivity compared to the control. In plants grown on the background supportive culture, a decrease inheritance of sign, by increasing the modification and decreasing genotypic variability. When assessing the F3 plants in the background, inheritance factor may decrease by several times, which may indicate low ability initial forms, counter supporting cultures. The possibility of selections on the sign: productive branches, grains per pod, pod per plant and grain weight per plant, provided a preliminary assessment of inheritance of these sign in hybrid combinations.
Key words variability, inheritance, common vetch, supportive culture, crop items
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