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Formation photosynthetic apparatus, seed productivity and quality oil of poppy oil due to action of Emistim C

Author(s) Polivaniy S. V., Assistant of the Department of Biology, , Vinnitsya State Pedagogical University after named Mychailo Kotsubinskyi
Kuryata V. G., Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Biology, Vinnitsya State Pedagogical University after named Mychailo Kotsubinskyi
Category Plant physiology
year 2015 issue №1
pages 43-47 index UDK 582.675.5: 661.162.65/66
Abstract Poppy is a valuable food and technical culture. The seeds of poppy are used in a pastry shop and bakery industry. The poppy oil obtained by the method of cold-press long time does not turn rancid, that is why highly valued in food, the pastry shop and canning industry. In Ukraine, according to the Government program of development of poppy cultivation, the gradual increase of production of goods of this culture is foreseen. The important means of increasing of productivity of oil-bearing cultures, including to the poppy, is the application of economically expedient receptions of growing, able to provide the high harvests of seeds. The analysis of progress of world plant-grower trends testifies that the use of synthetic regulators of height of plants is one of the central directions of decision of the problem of high and stable harvests. This group of connections gives the opportunity to regulate directionally the separate stages of ontogenesis with the aim of mobilization of potential possibilities of vegetable organism that influences the productivity and quality of agricultural products. From the positions of the concept of donor- acceptor relations there were analyzed the results of the study of the influence of emmistim C on morphogenesis and productive process of Berkut oil poppy. The field experiments were held in Krasyliv area, Kuzmin village of the Khmelnytskyi region in 2011 and Jmerinka area, Tokarevka village of the Vinnytsya region in 2010 on the sort of oil poppy Berkut. The areas for experiments were of 10 m2. Plants were processed by solution emistim C concentration of 0,1% in 16.06.11, and 17.06.14 in the phase of budding by means of sprinkler. Control plants were sprinkled by a tap water It was established that the influence of emistim C on the plant of oil poppy led to the increase of linear growth, formation of a more powerful photosynthetic apparatus and increasing of the “requirements” for assimilates by the processes of karpogenez due to enhanced branching of stems and the formation of greater number of seed-boxes per plant. The result of this correction of the donor- acceptor relations in a plant is the rise of productivity of seed culture. It was found out that the use of drug emistim C does not lead to significant changes in the composition and the amount of fatty acids in poppy oil. The food value of poppy oil is largely determined by the profile of fat acids. In the oil from seed of poppy of sort Berkut there was the set presence of palmitic, palmitolein, stearin, olein, linolic, arachic, α- linolenic acids, food value and the values of that for the organism of man and animals are different.
Key words oil poppy (Papaver somniferum), regulator of growth, emistim C, productivity, oil quality, higher fat acids
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