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Agrophysical indicators typical chernozems under different fertilized systems

Author(s) Cherednichenko I. V., , Assistant of the Department of Soil Science, Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchayev
Category Agricultural soil science and agrophysics
year 2015 issue №1
pages 113-117 index UDK 631.412/51
Abstract The article deals with the study of agro indicators typical chernozem under different fertilizer systems Left Bank Forest Steppe of Ukraine. The purpose of research is to study the effect of prolonged use of different systems fertilization on the structural and physical state and the density of addition of typical chernozem. Studies have generally shown that the performance of typical chernozem agrophysical depends on the systems used fertilizer. The typical chernozem, formed under natural vegetation (layland) there is a high content of structures agronomical valuable size (10 – 0,25 mm), the maximum rate of waterproof aggregates and most optimal performance density compiled. In agricultural use of typical chernozem soil without the use fertilizer (control) observed reduction agronomical valuable and waterproof of the structural units in all layers of soil versus of layland. The use of organic fertilizer and sidereal system improves the structural condition of the soil, the fewest content of large and small fractions with increased content of this waterproof of the structural units. For of typical chernozem under perennial grasses (3 years of use) marked improvement of the structural condition of the soil and waterproof of the structural units. The study of typical chernozem variant of perennial grasses, there is some soil compaction compared to controls. In the deeper layers of density of a typical drawing of typical chernozem is reduced and the absolute value close to variant control. At the same time, the system of mineral soil structural condition worsens - decreases the content of agronomicall valuable aggregates reduced rate structuring units and waterproof aggregates, resulting in compaction of topsoil, but the most exposed subsoil compaction horizon, resulting in the formation of plow sole.
Key words fertilizers, structural state, waterproof aggregates, solidity, typical chernozem
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