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Features of chicory root selection forms of uterine roots storage

Author(s) Mykolajko V. P., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Biology and Methods of Teaching, Uman State Pedagogical University named Pavlo Tyczyna
Category Primary processing of crop products
year 2015 issue №1
pages 85-89 index UDK 635.54:[631.527+631.53.026]
Abstract The thesis being presented are features of Chicory Root selection forms of uterine roots storage, in particular the output of roots sort samples depending on storage conditions, on the size and weight reduction during the storage. The best way out of Chicory Root roots sort samples is obtained in the variant with the storage of roots in plastic bags in the refrigeration storage conditions: temperature -0 ... +1°C, relative humidity 90-95%. Average in size of Chicory Root roots in diameter of 5-7 cm (weight 150-200 g) is more resistant to affection of microbiological diseases during storage. The data obtained indicate that the determining factor in preserving Chicory Root roots mass is good waterproofing - preventing losses from evaporation. It should be noted that plastic bags with roots should be left in the open position to prevent formation of condensation in the refrigeration storage conditions this is not required. Based on the researches are substantiated features of effective ways to store Root Chicory uterine roots during winter storage that will support the clear sort seed of set combinations in the selection work process.
Key words storage, Chicory Root, microbiological diseases, form of root, sprouted roots, root weight reduction
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