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Features of sugar beet hybrids productivity formation depending on agrotechnological measures

Author(s) Karpuk L. M., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science Department, Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University
Category General agriculture
year 2015 issue №1
pages 22-27 index UDK 633.63:631.
Abstract The thesis being presented are theoretical generalization and new solution of scientific problems – the sugar beet productivity increasing by applying of complex agrotechnological measures of growing that directed on ensuring of the maximum productivity and roots high technological qualities. Based on extensive experimental researches and obtained results is revealed the following, there is no significant differences of occurrence of shoots intensity depending on the hybrids of domestic and foreign origin and therefore - no significant difference from field germination of seed. The dynamics of occurrence of shoots intensity and field germination of seed are influenced on the density of sugar beet plants. Under the conditions of uniform placement of sugar beet plant hybrids in a row and full use of complex agrotechnological measures is formed the optimal area of plant nutrition that promotes proper formation of roots and a powerful leaf mass, and ultimately influence on their productivity. Complex research that included two highly productive hybrid Ukrainian ChS 72 - domestic and Leopard - of foreign origins, optimum plant density before harvest - 100-110 thousand/ha and double foliar feeding on the background of the main fertilizer - in the closing leaves phase + in the closing leaves line in rows phase (136 days from sowing) is confirmed the high efficiency of the studied measures.
Key words sugar beet, dynamics of shoots occurrence, field germination, uniform placement of plants, plant stand density, yield, sugar content, yield of sugar.
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