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Technological and economic features of growing organic soybeans and winter wheat forage

Author(s) Chayka T. A., PhD (Econ.), Assistant Professor the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Chemistry, Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Ponomarenko S. V., , Assistant Professor the Department of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Nature, Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Category Crop production
year 2015 issue №1
pages 100-106 index UDK 504.03 (304:4, 338:432)
Abstract This article is devoted to research of technological processes of cultivation of soybeans and winter wheat forage by the organic standards for the period of 4 years that provides observance of the crop rotation and satisfies the existing demand for organic agricultural products abroad. In this paper technological cards of cultivation of the specified crops are developed and their economic profitableness is proved due to lower expenses for fuel and biological preparations and higher prices for organic products. It is proved that economic efficiency of cultivation: soybeans by the organic standards makes in the first year 233%, and in the third 565%; winter wheat in the second year 260%, and in the fourth 513%. The cash flows calculated for four years testify about economic profitableness of the organic agriculture and its prospects in the modern conditions. On the basis of the conducted researches the risks of cultivation of soybeans and winter wheat forage by the organic standards are defined which can be minimized in 3 years by observance of the main principles of organic agriculture, being guided by the practice of I.Ovsinsky and M.Kurdyumov. The demand for grown organic agricultural products has stable dynamics to growth both within the country and abroad which ensures profitability for agricultural producers
Key words organic soybeans, organic winter wheat, organic agriculture, biological preparations, technological card, organic standards.
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