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Identification of apomixis in the sweet cherry, sour cherry and duke cherry

Author(s) Ivanusa V. Y. , Postgraduate, , Lviv National Agrarian University
Savina O. I. , Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of the Biological Faculty, Uzhgorod National University
Category Fruit-growing
year 2015 issue №1
pages 82-85 index UDK 631. 526. 32: 581. 162.3 :634.232
Abstract The experimental work of self-pollination and expression of apomixis in the sweet cherry, sour cherry and duke group was done. It was found that these cultures are cross-pollinated. It is creates difficulties at the creation of the garden and in the industrial breeding. The individual insulators materials used to identify possible of apomixis. The high level of the manifestation of apomixis (43,6%) is defined in duke cherries. The sour cherry tree and bushy are conditional self-pollinating - 2.1 and 5.8% respectively. The sweet cherry is incapable of self pollination. It is makes possible to make cost-effective production of duke cherries because limitation of difficulties at the selection of varieties of pollinators, a given flowering time and fruit ripening, and eliminates the impact of adverse weather conditions during the flowering stage. In addition the duke cherries are more frost resistant than other varieties of sweet cherries what greatly increased the industrial area of cultivation.
Key words sweet cherry, sour cherry, duke cherry, self-pollination, apomixis
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