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The present time tendency in becoming principles of organic agriculture

Author(s) Minkova O. G., Postgraduate, , Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Category General agriculture
year 2015 issue №1
pages 16-22 index UDK 631.147
Abstract The article analyzed and systematized terminological peculiarities of understanding of the nature of organic farming, the differences in its interpretation of international and national laws and regulations. The object of the research was to identify international and domestic tendency of organic agricultural production, becoming its basic principles and concepts of existence. Despite the popularity and considerable development of organic agricultural production both at international and local levels, scientists are constantly trying to refute or, conversely, enhance the value of alternative types of management. Results of the analysis indicate the absence of unity of scientific views, though many features in common. Found that some researchers, giving a definition or emphasize on the technological aspects of the production process or its management, others – the idea of a system using a combination of the most important aspects of these characteristics. It is necessary to distinguish two major approaches to its definition: first – includes a set of basic concepts that characterize and describe the system; second – determines only the essence of the concept, which is the basis of economic and objectives, methods and principles defined separately. Among the most famous of existing theories most recognized by the international scientific community now has the interpretation of organic agriculture as a production management system that provides a balance between performance agro-ecosystems and restoration of the environment, and provides integrated sustainability anthropogenic ecosystems in accordance with the concept of sustainable development. The main stages of the principles of organic farming in global and national levels that agrobiological concept of concentration in agriculture. Appropriate environmental, economic and social benefits of organic agricultural production, based on which defined the main task of which is to develop scientific and technological progress in the agricultural sector and in the development and implementation of mechanisms to implement parts of that in the future must change the concept underlying ecological agriculture.
Key words organic agricultural production, international law, administrative ordinance of the Council of the EU
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