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Author(s) Balabak О.А., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Reproductive Biology of Plants Section, National Dendrological Park «Sofievka» NAS of Ukraine
Lubych V.V., Candidate of Agricultural Science, Lecturer of Department of Technology of Storage and Processing of Grain, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Primary processing of crop products
year 2016 issue №2, 2016
pages 52-56 index UDK 631.354.2:632.945:631.811.98:633.16
Abstract The findings of the researches on the protein & amino acids content in the nuts of hazel depending on the cultivar as well as efficient factor of essential amino acids metabolization and their biological value are cited in the article. It is established that the hazelnut is characterized by big content of protein but this index changes in a wide range. Thus, it's content for the cv. 'Stepovyi' made up 16.7 % and for the cv. 'Morozivskyi' — 20.8 %. Leucine makes up the largest part of amino acids and its quantity varied from 8.8 g/kg (cv. 'Stepovyi') to 13.3 g/kg (cv. 'Ukraina-50'). The content of valine was minimal in the nuts of hazel cv. 'Stepovyi' and maximal minimal in the hazelnuts of the cv. 'Morozivskyi' — 10.2 g/kg. Phenylalanin content varied from 5.5 g/kg (cv. 'Stepovyi') to 8.4 g/kg (cv. 'Dokhidnyi' and cv. 'Trapezund') and isoleucine content — from 3.6 g/kg (cv. 'Stepovyi') to 8.6 g/kg (cv. 'Morozivskyi'). The parts of methionine and tryptophan were the least in the hazelnut — 0.1–0.3 g/kg and 0.1–0.2 g/kg correspondingly regardless of the cultivar. The glutaminic acid made up the largest part nonessential amino acids, its content varied from 47.2 g/kg (cv. 'Davydivskyi') to 56.9 g/kg (cv. 'Morozivskyi'). The parts of arginine and asparaginic acids were less and their contents varied considerably from 18.4 g/kg in the nuts of hazel cv. 'Veselobokovenivskyi' to 24.9 g/kg in the hazelnuts of cv. 'Dolynskyi' and from 15.0 g/kg (cv. 'Veselobokovenivskyi') to 24.9 g/kg correspondingly. The part of cystine was the least — from 0.6 g/kg to 3.5 g/kg dependently on the hazelnut cultivar. The hazelnuts of cv. 'Stepovyi' were characterized by low efficiency factor of essential amino acids metabolization — 0.28 and the highest factor was inherent in the hazelnuts of cv. 'Ukraina-50' and cv. 'Trapezund'. Cv. 'Ukraina-50', cv. 'Trapezund' and cv. 'Morozivskyi' are characterized by the best amino acid score indices among the hazelnut cultivars under research. Keywords: hazelnut, protein, amino acid, amino acid score.
Key words hazelnut, protein, amino acid, amino acid score
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