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Author(s) Polishchuk V. V., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of Department of Landscape Architecture, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Scherba I. V., , Post-graduate Student of Landscape Gardening Department, Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Landscape gardening
year 2016 issue №2, 2016
pages 80-83 index UDK 631.527:577.2:634.21:634.23
Abstract The article presents the morphological classification of the most common genotypes of Prunus L. in Ukraine. Popular Prunus serrulata varieties and forms are characterized and generalized and some of them are recommended for cultivation in different edaphic-climatic zones of Ukraine. The feasibility of using introduced plants of Prunus L. in plant selection and biotechnology in terms of Right-Bank Forest- Steppe of Ukraine is investigated. In the course of the research,their taxonomic position and geographical origin were determined.Therefore the phylogenetic systems on intergenetic and interspecific levels are defined. The findings of an investigation provide insight into research of cross combination on intraspecific and distant hybridization, selection of compatible seedling stock, peculiarities of variety changing. The research reveals that Prunus serrulata is a specific name of orchard crops, selected on the basis of several East Asian species, usually with polypetal, most frequently pink flowers. The review of publications and electronic database on the taxonomy of Prunus L. is conducted. The above-mentioned review makes possible to determine the current 1,809 specific names (2166 – with intraspecies taxon). Among these 1809 specific names mentioned in publications, 254 (14.0 %) are recognized names, 975 (53.9 %) – undivided names and 579 (32.0 %) are considered as synonymous and only one kind is of uncertain status. The classification of plants of Prunus L. is still quite controversial. Not only cherry genotypes but also plums, sweet cherries and even bird cherries are qualified as Prunus L. species. The discord of researchers of Prunus L., which were found in various publications and differences on intraspecific classification of its representatives actualize the further investigation, applying classical and molecular genetic methods.
Key words starting material, Prunus serrulata, selection, species, cherry, plum, introduction, blossom, classification, morphological characteristics
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