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Author(s) Gorah O., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Plant Production, Selection and Seed Production, Podilsky State Agrarian and Technical University
Mialkovskyi R. A., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, Doctoral-candidate State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya, State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya
Category Olericulture
year 2018 issue №1, 2018
pages 62-65 index UDK 635.21:631.526.3: 631.26
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2018-1-62-65 (Link)
Abstract Study of the influence of varietal features and lines direction in agrophytocenosis on the productivity of potato tubers in the conditions of the Right Bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine. Methods. Analysis, synthesis, generalization, field experiment. Results. The results of the research revealed that the varietal characteristics and the direction lines of potato cultivation influenced the productivity of potato tubers, while the direction lines from the North-South was better than the West-East direction. It should also be noted that the yield of potato varieties depended on weather and climatic conditions of the year. Conclusions. The highest yield of potato tubers was obtained with the placement of lines from the North-South in the mid-size variety Divo – 38.8 t/ha, the middle-aged Nadiyna – 33.5 t/ha, and the medium-long Dar – 38.4 t/ha. The lowest yields of potato tubers were noted in mid-range varieties – the Legend – 28.7 t/ha, the middle-aged Vira – 27.0 t/ha, and medium late Oxamite – 25.1 t/ha. In the direction of lines from the West to the East, the studied varieties had somewhat lower yields. Thus, among the average varieties, the yield of potato tubers in the Divо variety was lower by 0.7 t/ha, Legend – 1.7 t/ha, Malyn white – 1.0 t/ha. Similar indices are also in the middle-aged varieties: Vira – 0.6 t/ha; Slovyanka – 1.4 t/ ha, Nadiyna – 1.3 t/ha and medium late varieties: Oxamite – 0.9 t/ha; Alladin – 1.9 t/ha; Dar – 1.3 t/ha. The main factors influencing the formation of the productivity of potato plants were varietal features (factor A) – 46.8 %, line direction (factor B) – 31.5 %, interaction of varietal features and line direction (AB) – 17.8 %, influence of other unregarded factors – 3.9 %.
Key words potato, variety, direction of lines, agrofitocenosis, yield
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