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Author(s) Tkachuk A. P., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Vinnytsia National Agrarian University
Demchuk O. A., , , Vinnytsia National Agrarian University
Kravchenko V.S., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category 201 "Agronomy"
year 2020 issue №1, 2020
pages 67-70 index UDK 612.393.3:631.53.01:635.15
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2020-1-67-70 (Link)
Abstract The thesis is devoted to the urgency of using structured water in crop production. Positive influence of structured water on germination energy and germination of seeds of radish sowing is shown. Prospects for the use of structured water in crop production have been determined. The stimulating effect of structured water on the germination energy and the laboratory germination of seeds of radish sowing seeds, compared to their germination on ordinary water by 13-20%, were revealed. In terms of its parameters, structured water is close to the physiological fluids of plant tissues. Structured water consists of large and small liquid crystals (clusters), increases its physiological activity in plant tissues, facilitates the penetration of water and ions dissolved in it through membranes and cell walls. The use of structured water can significantly save its amount by irrigation and increase the yield of cultivated crops in drought conditions. However, with the introduction of resource-saving technologies into production, changes in irrigation regimes, there is a need to study the effect of structured water on the germination of crops. Water and its quality play an important role in crop and agriculture. In particular, water is needed by plants as a solvent and transported nutrients for transpiration, plant cooling, etc. Water influences seed germination and determines field germination, also used for irrigation, crop spraying and fertilizer application. Therefore, the quality of the water depends on the quality of the water. Low crop yields can also be a consequence of poor and contaminated water. Water used for irrigation, irrigation, plant germination should carry a complex of nutrients and have a natural structure. The use of such water will facilitate the faster passage of the phenological phases of plant growth and development and, accordingly, a greater yield.
Key words water, seed, structure, radish sowing, germination, germination energy
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