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Author(s) Barabolia О. V., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Kushch L. I., , , Higher Educational Institution of Ukoopspilka «Poltava University of Economics and Trade»
Dudnyk S.O., , , Higher Educational Institution of Ukoopspilka «Poltava University of Economics and Trade»
Dubova H. Ye., Phd of Technical Sciences, , Poltava State Agrarian University
Category 181 "Food Technology"
year issue №1, 2022
pages 52-57 index UDK [330.3:664]:[635.62:637.514.9]
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2022-1-52-57 (Link)
Abstract The article is devoted to the current direction of production in Ukraine – craft manufacturing, which does not require large industrial facilities and raw materials. It is more rapid to adapt to the needs of population, available raw materials and attraction of professionals who do not have specialized education but have the ability and desire to work as well as to be useful during the war and postwar period. At present, craft manufacturing supports the local economy as it provides the production of unique and difficult to reproduce products that enrich Ukrainian culture by reflecting and adding some peculiarities to it. At the same time, craft manufacturing allows to use the local raw materials, available and simple production facilities, to employ a lot of people such as amateurs, part-time or even full-time skilled craftsmen. Craft products are not only more tasteful but also healthier. Flavor enhancers, dyes or other substances, which in mass production can reduce the cost, are not added to craft production. Taking into account the above-mentioned facts, we have developed a recipe and a basic technological scheme of the product with the functional purpose of «Meatballs in pumpkin puree» for craft production. The proposed basic scheme of production is economically reasonable and relevant during a time of war. The result is a useful product which includes the main components of choline, glycogen and heparin, which are useful for athletes and people who have heart problems, blood clotting, memory impairment and other diseases. The assessment of the most characteristic biological and physical risks of meatball production in pumpkin puree is carried out. A block diagram of the production of meatballs from by-products with the assessment of technological operations in relation to hazardous factors and the identification of critical control points has been developed.
Key words craft manufacturing, food products, meatballs, pumpkin puree, flavor, safety
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