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Author(s) Ulyanych O.I., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of of Vegetable Production, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Shevchuk K.M., , , Nunhems Ukraine LLC (Kyiv)
Category 201 "Agronomy"
year issue №1, 2022
pages 27-31 index UDK 551.5:477.46
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2022-1-27-31 (Link)
Abstract best assortment. The choice of the best spinach hybrid for field conditions determines the preservation of the possibility of its adaptation to the soil and climatic conditions of growing. The article provides a comparative assessment of the productivity and adaptability of spinach hybrids of foreign breeding to obtain highly productive crops in the conditions of Ukraine. The timing of the phenological phases has been determined, it was observed the growth and development of plants and their biometric indicators. The phenological observations of spinach plants showed that they developed unequally and differently depending on the hybrid. It was proved that plants of spinach differed in height, number of leaves, leaf plate surface and their total surface per hectare. They were higher in comparison with the control due to use of the best hybrid. The height of plants before of the harvest was noted as higher in the hybrids Spiros F1, Pronghorn F1, Lagos F1 and Hudson F1 – 24.1±0.16-25.8±0.20 cm. The higher leaf surface had hybrids Spiros F1, Lagos F1, Pronghorn F1 and Odysseus F1 – 15.3±0.02-15.5±0.06 thousand m2/ha. There was found dependence of the high productivity and yield of spinach of the foreign breeding from the hybrid. The high yield showed Mouflon F1, Odysseus F1, Rembrandt F1 and Spiros F1 – 5.6-6.5 t/ha. It was significantly higher than control. Growing of modern hybrids of foreign breeding of spinach allowed to receive an additional yield from 1.4 t/ha to 6.5 t/ha of green mass compared to control. The adaptability of spinach hybrids of the foreign breeding and their sensitivity to cultivation in the conditions of Ukraine were analyzed and established.
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