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Author(s) Odarchenko D. M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, , Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade (Kharkiv)
Sokolova E. B., , , Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade (Kharkiv)
Kovalevska N. S., PhD of Economic Sciences, , Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade (Kharkiv)
Category 181 "Food Technology"
year 2020 issue №1, 2020
pages 98-102 index UDK 544.02-047.37:634.75:664.8.037.5
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2020-1-98-102 (Link)
Abstract The article provides composition of ten most common economic-botanical varieties of strawberries (Alba, Albion, Ducat, Kama, Cardinal, Clary, Corona, Mara de Bois, Elsanta, Marmalade) at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the fruiting period was studied. It is found that the amount of sugars is 4,7...6,8%, soluble solids – 6,2...8,8%, catechins – 70,1...99,0%, anthocyanins – 69,6...97,2%. It is determined that high nutritional value of strawberries is due to the significant amount of vitamin C (35,2...62,0 mg/100 g). Based on the obtained results, it is proved that middle-early varieties of Ducat and Crown are most suitable for obtaining the specified quality indicators in the semi-finished product. This happens due to the fact that Ducat and Crown varieties are characterized by the smallest fluctuations in the obtained indices within the variety: by mass fraction of soluble solids – 8,8…9,1% and 8,7…9,0%, sugars – 6, 8…7,1% and 5,0…5,3%, vitamin C content – 62,0…62,7 mg/100 g and 59,0…60,0 mg/100 g, catechins – 99,0…99,5 mg/100 g and 84,5…84,9 mg/100 g, anthocyanins – 97,2… 98,7 mg /100 g and 95,7…96,1 mg/ 100 g, respectively. It is proved that changes in the properties of strawberries under the influence of low temperatures determine feasibili ty of a certain variety to freeze. After freezing and low temperature storage, the highest loss of juice (15,1…6,9%) was observed in Alba, Marmeladna and Mara de Bois varieties. The lowest juice loss (3,1…5,1%) was in Ducat, Cardinal and Albion varieties. A high content of vitamin C after defrostation was noted in the Dukat variety (56,7 mg/100 g). Losses of catechins amounted 2...15% depending on the variety, with minor changes in the content of catechins observed in the varieties Elsanta, Cardinal, Kama, Ducat, Albion, the maximum - in the varieties Marmeladna, Mara de Bois, Clary. In berries of Ducat, Cardinal, Crown, Marmalade, Elsanta varieties, anthocyanin conservation was observed at 94,5…97,8% of the initial amount. It is established that a variety of Ducat strawberries is most suitable for freezing and fully retains its commercial qualities during freezing, low temperature storage and defrosting. The urgency of expanding the range of frozen products is confirmed by the desire of consumers, since most of them are interested in the emergence of natural, safe and environmentally friendly products after processing of fruit and berries with high organoleptic and nutritional properties.
Key words strawberries, freezing, low-temperature storage, semi-finished product, the biologically active substance, smoothies
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