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Author(s) Nesterova N.G., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Savchenko Yu. M., PhD of Agricultural Sciences, , State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine
Bogach E.M., PhD of Historical Sciences, , National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Category Agrarian education
year 2021 issue №2,2021
pages 96-98 index UDK 378-056.317
DOI 10.31395/2310-0478-2021-2-96-98 (Link)
Abstract The article highlights the life and scientific path of a famous scientist and teacher in plant physiology and molecular biology, Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor of Physiology, Plant Biochemistry and Bioenergetics, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences Of Ukraine, Ivan Panasovych Grygoryuk. Since 1969, I. P. Grygoryuk's work is associated with the Institute of Plant Physiology of the Academy of Sciences USSR, and later the department of physiology, plant biochemistry and bioenergetics of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, where he went from graduate student to professor and corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine. Ivan Panasovych's scientific achievements are 1078 published scientific, educational-methodical and popular science works, including 35 monographs, 10 books and brochures, atlas, 5 methodical and educational manuals, 3 explanatory dictionaries, 2 workshops, 630 articles (50 of them in foreign publications), 63 scientific and methodological and practical recommendations, 34 copyright certificates and patents of Ukraine for inventions, etc. The sphere of research interests of Grygoryuk I.P. covers a wide range of problems of physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and bioenergy of plants. Currently, Ivan Panasovych is studying the physiological, molecular biological and population-genetic mechanisms of stability and adaptation of cultivated plants to abio- and biotic stressors.
Key words Ivan Grygoryuk, scientist, biologist, teacher, personality
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